Following my Shepherd through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

April 12, 2014 my life changed forever.  I was awakened by a Sheriff’s Deputy to the news that my son had been killed instantly in a motorcycle accident-less than a mile from his apartment.  It was the last thing I thought I would experience and the most difficult road I have ever walked.

But God, through Christ, has given me hope.  He has asked me to trust His heart even when I cannot trace His hand.

“Lord, help me accept and embrace that the life I am living is the life You made for me and the life You made me for. Even when (especially when) it is not the life I imagined or would have chosen for myself. Make my heart pliable under Your hand, give me grace for the hard places, light for the dark places and hope for the desperate places. Teach me to lean into You, trust You and to follow You wherever You may lead. Give me songs in the night.”

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