Think Before You Speak, or Post, or Comment…


Burying a child is teaching me many things:

  • Control is an illusion.
  • What God allows may be very painful.
  • I can choose where to place my trust.
  • God is faithful and His grace is sufficient.
  • Love truly IS what lasts.
  • Relationship matters.

And as I approach what will undoubtedly be a tumultous, fractious and upsetting day for the United States-regardless of how the votes land-I am reminded of these things I’m learning.

My part in this larger landscape is limited.  I get a single vote.  Depending on the margin of victory my vote may matter very little indeed.

But my part in the smaller world of those I love, care about and have relationship with is so much larger.  What I say, how I treat them, if I extend love, grace and mercyTHAT makes a big difference.


So as we move forward this week, could I please give you advice from a broken heart?

Can I please speak truth that will matter for eternity, not just for a single political cycle?

Do not hurt people in your life because you’ve hitched your wagon to a particular cause or candidate or party.

Don’t play politics with your personal relationships.

Don’t call people names that can’t be taken back, hurt feelings that may never heal or draw lines that make division permanent.



That’s your privilege and, some say, your obligation as an American.

But remember that no matter who wins the White House, the people around your own table are the ones that truly matter.

They are the ones that show up when it counts.

Please don’t throw relationships away in the heat of the moment.

You may never get the chance to undo it.  





Author: Melanie

I am a shepherd, wife and mother of four amazing children, three that walk the earth with me and one who lives with Jesus. This is a record of my grief journey and a look into the life I didn't choose. If you are interested in joining a community of bereaved parents leaning on the promises of God in Christ, please like the public Facebook page, "Heartache and Hope: Life After Losing a Child" and join the conversation.

4 thoughts on “Think Before You Speak, or Post, or Comment…”

  1. Amen, Melanie! My heart aches when I see posts from “Christians” who condemn fellow believers because of politics. When family members lose control and forget what really matters, our Lord weeps. Oh, how I miss my son💛💙

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