Step By Step

I’m gonna just tell you right now:  If you let your mind wander to the days, months and possibly years ahead you will drown in sorrow.

The only way to make this journey is step by step.  

This one moment, this one breath, this one memory bringing tears to my eyes.  I don’t receive the strength for another moment until I live through this one.

But each moment bravely faced speaks courage to my heart for the next.

Some days I feel empty of hope.  Some days it takes every ounce of will to get out of bed. Sometimes I lie there and think, “Can’t I skip today?”

It’s a genuine temptation.  

And then a still, small Voice speaks to my heart and says, “I’m here.  You don’t have to figure it all out, just make the first step.”

So I do.

track record for bad days is 100


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