Your Child Matters

I know many who read this blog belong to closed online bereavement groups.

That’s a beautiful thing- a place where we can share our pain with others who understand it in a judgement-free zone.


We often post photos and our child(ren)’s story in the closed groups.

But today I want to take a moment to provide a public forum for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it.

Your child matters.

His or her story matters.

Your pain matters.

If you are so inclined, please “speak” your child(ren)’s name in the comments section. Tell us something about your child(ren), tell us what you miss about your child(ren), tell us what made your child(ren) a special light in this world.

(It is a PUBLIC forum so please don’t post anything you don’t want the world to know.)

child existed



Author: Melanie

I am a shepherd, wife and mother of four amazing children, three that walk the earth with me and one who lives with Jesus. This is a record of my grief journey and a look into the life I didn't choose. If you are interested in joining a community of bereaved parents leaning on the promises of God in Christ, please like the public Facebook page, "Heartache and Hope: Life After Losing a Child" and join the conversation.

27 thoughts on “Your Child Matters”

  1. Adam, who died sometime in the early hours of Jan. 31st this year during the super moon he was fascinated with. Just like him to leave the earth that night. He will always be 38.
    He loved hawks, science, what made people who they were, and his family. He was gifted with a brilliant mind, and deep feelings and thoughts about life. His humor is legendary, and his friends have adopted me. They often get me through the dark stuff.
    Though we still don’t have his autopsy or toxicology report, it is assumed he died of fentanyl tainted heroin. His father found him on his bed the next afternoon. He is the center of our family, always has been. Charming, handsome, great with people, and deeply devoted to the people he loved. No one ever saw him angry, ill-tempered or unkind. But he had insomnia, terrible physical pain from some injuries, deep financial losses, and depression. I think it was all just too much to deal with, and avoid returning to drugs for relief. We are heartbroken he didn’t ask us for help. It is an amputation I will never adjust to.

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    1. Dear mother, what a bittersweet legacy you shared about your son, Adam. I can so understand every word you wrote. We are now left holding the memories, the broken pieces of their goodness, their kindness, sweet smiles and their humor, but also their great pain which all melts together with our own, the great blend of sweet and broken. The constant nagging in our helpless hearts. I pray that you will find peace and refuge here among those of us who have lost a huge part of ourselves. You are loved and understood.❤️


  2. My son, Moises, died this January by a hit and run driver. He was 22. His girlfriend witnessed it all. He was the light of my life (along with my other son). We adopted him from Guatemala when he was 6. We were supposed to fly to get him on 9/11. Fortunately we got our son a week later. He was so brave, coming to a foreign land and becoming part of a “strange” family. I was in love with Mo the minute I saw him. I got to be his mom for 15 years. He is such a blessing. I’m sobbing as I write this. My grief is still fresh and I miss him so much. My biggest fear is that people will forgot him. At his service so many kids told me wonderful stories of how he impacted their life. His girlfriend has become like a daughter to me and his friends have stuck close to us. Our oldest son has been spending lots of time with us, walking and playing games. God has been good to us in our suffering and surrounded us with so much support and love. There have been many blessings in our grief and I’m thankful God has given us hearts and eyes to see them.

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    1. Moises sounds wonderful! I am so sorry for your pain and your loss. Thank you for sharing him with us. May the Lord continue to lead you gently through this Valley and give you the strength and hope you need to finish strong. ❤


  3. Thank you, Melanie, for the opportunity to share and thank you to each who have shared your child’s name and their story. My oldest son, Kevin, was diagnosed in February 2010 with a rare bone cancer, metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma. Four and half years later, in Sept 2014, after multiple relapses, many rounds of chemo, radiation treatments, surgeries and finally paralysis, my precious son took his last breath. He was just short of his 29th birthday. His will to live life fully in those painful and challenging years is my motivation to face each day in his absence. He didn’t let cancer stop him from going after and achieving many of his life goals–a masters in accounting, CPA license, a full-time job, marriage, home ownership. He lived those years with faith, love, adventure, perseverance, kindness, friendship, and most of all hope. Those are how I want live, they are his legacy. While he is greatly missed, there is joy in his having been my son and joy in knowing there is more to come in Heavenly places. Joy and sorrow knit together, and washed in tears.

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    1. Janet,
      I am so very sorry for your pain and your loss. What a glorious legacy Kevin left you! He sounds like an amazing man and a wonderful son. Thank you for sharing him with us. I look forward to the day when all of us will stand together, whole and redeemed, glorying in grace, mercy and love.


  4. Our daughter, Emily, was our only child. She died at 14 of a brain aneurysm. Emily was athletic, loved her animals, and spending time with us. And smart! She loved showing her chickens and heifers. And telling stupid chicken jokes. I mean dumb, dumb jokes! Her friends thought they were hilarious. My most missed moments … every day for those 14 years, we had morning cuddle time. Even as a 14 year old, she got up 15 minutes early just to sit curled up on me on the couch. Every day. 💙💙💙 Oh how thankful I am for that, and how badly I miss it.

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    1. Phyllis,
      I can imagine how big a hole such a beautiful soul has left in your heart! Missing that physical touch from our child is so very hard. I am so very sorry for your pain and your loss. Thank you for sharing a little bit of Emily with us. ❤


  5. My son Austin died November 2013. He is my first child. He was bright, passionate, and sensitive. He loved to take care of others. You would find him sometimes talking to the homeless asking what their story was after he feed them. He work hard for several charities. He loved his college, frat brothers, and his family. Learning was his passion they called him a renaissance man. He accomplished so much in his 20 years of life. We miss him everyday. So hard to get over this loss when no one will let you talk about what a great child you have. His friends and others have all moved on. I live on for my other three wonderful children by making every second count, but look forward to seeing Austin again someday. Saw a monarch butterfly fly from his flowers I bought him Monday. We live in a city where you do not see many butterflies. Thank you Austin I will love you forever. I also want to thank you for this blog Melanie There are days I look at what you have written, and think dang how does she know how I feel. Then I don’t feel not so alone anymore. So sorry we all walk this path.

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    1. What a beautiful tribute to a life well-lived even if too short. I am so very sorry for your pain and your loss. Austin sounds like an amazing man! It’s hard when time passes and (as is normal) our child’s friends move on. It feels like they are being left behind and that is another painful addition to the burden we already bear.

      I’m thankful the blog helps a little. My heart cry is that by sharing it makes another parent’s burden a tiny bit easier to bear. We all hurt. We are all broken. When we admit it, it calls courage to others.

      Praying that God gives you strength for each new day. ❤


  6. Pruitt Jacob Wright. My son. My “middle” child. He was an entertainer from the beginning. Witty, charismatic, genuine, loving, and big hearted. He loved real and he loved hard. He passed on from this world the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th, 2016. I had just talked to him the day before. He was excited to be coming home for Christmas and bringing the love of his life, Lilly, for us to all meet. Lilly found him the next morning, already gone when she returned home from work. He had taken a xanax that had been laced with Carfentanyl – unbeknownst to him… His battled with anxiety for years after being bullied in school. I also believe he was molested, maybe even sexually assaulted around the age of 10, but I cannot prove it, although the suspect is now serving life in prison for just that crime perpetrated on at least 13 other boys. He had struggled, but he was doing so much better…He was the happiest he had been in years. He did not intend to die, but was murdered by a drug dealer. His smile was contagious and his laughter would make everyone around him smile and break into laughter with him. He was handsome, funny and so much fun to be around. I miss him every minute of every single day. My forever 24. Til we meet again. I love you —-Momma

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    1. Monie,

      I am so very sorry for your loss and your pain. I’m sorry for the circumstances of Pruitt’s death that add to your burden of grief. Thank you for sharing him with us. Praying that the Lord fills your broken heart with His love, grace and mercy. ❤


  7. My daughter Lindsey Rose died on Dec. 22, 2015, after a two month battle with a rare, unexpected illness called Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). She was my sunshine. She had special needs and I was her full-time caregiver, advocate, and voice. Lindsey brought me full-time joy and I was truly blessed to have her for 14 years. If you want to read a more complete version of her story and see her in a bit of video, you can do so at this link: 💛

    I’ve enjoyed reading about each child introduced here. Thank you, Melanie, for the chance to mention the names of our beloved children; may they never be forgotten.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Lindsey Rose with us, Cindy. I am so very sorry for your loss and your pain. I love that you say Lindsey brought you “full-time joy”. What a beautiful way to express the blessed calling of caring for your child. I love the link! May God continue to give you exactly what you need exactly where you are. ❤


  8. Jeff Engler, Tommy to me, also known as JeffyPants and Chachi to his Cal Marching Band mates, is my son, my third blessed child. He died almost 18 months ago after falling from the roof of his fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. He had been drinking, celebrating after finals. No one knew he fell, so his injuries went unrecognized for hours as he slowly bled to death internally. He loved his school, his frat, his friends, his family. Jeffy was a swim coach and beloved by our community. He had a hope for a future here in earth. So hard for me to let go of him and realize I won’t be able to hug him until heaven. Thankful that Jesus knows my sorrow and will dry my tears and answer the unknowns in eternity. My boy is always in my heart, on my mind. I look for him, I talk to him, I cry out to my God for him. I say his name in love and know you other grieving mommas get it. Love your heart, Melanie 💛💙

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    1. I am so very sorry for the circumstances of Jeff’s death and how that adds to the burden of sorrow you carry. I am thankful you know that Jesus knows, that He loves you and loves Jeff. I am oh, so thankful that all of this pain and sorrow and grief and groaning will be redeemed one day! Until then I pray that God will make Himself very present to you and will overwhelm your hurting heart with His grace, mercy and love. ❤


  9. My handsome son that is in heaven today is Nick. Sometimes we called him Nickaroni. Not sure how we came up with that nickname when he was little, but it stuck. He was taken way too soon. He had so so much left to give and that is part of the reason I’m having a hard time forgiving. He could brighten any room with his huge smile and energy and positivity. He was the only one of my 3 boys to call me Momma.😍 He also called me everyday litterally. On The worst day of my life, when the police knocked on our door, I had just told my husband that I haven’t heard from Nick today. Maybe he hasnt gotten home from Ronald McDonald house yet. He was interning there. But unfortunately, I found out the worst way possible why I hadnt heard from him yet that day. I have received an outpouring of stories, memories, love for a friend and love for his fraternity brothers. The outpour of love from those boys for me and My husband and Nick’s two brothers is amazing. I have so- called friends of my own that hasn’t even shown the thought, prayers and concern for my family as this wonderful group of young men. Nick is our middle son. Nick was singing in heaven and so happy when his little brother, Matthew, pledged his same fraternity. His Dad and I were also extremely happy. Nick would actually take the clothes off his back and all the money in his pocket to help a soilder and homeless people. One night he actually walked a homeless guy to a shelter to eat and get warm because it was gonna be below freezing that night. He didnt tell us where he went in the hustle and bustle of people coming in and out of our hotel. That’s my Nick! He wanted to work with troubled youth and young adults trying to keep them from making bad mistakes and show them love that so many are not shown and are given up on. I always told him he had better find him a rich chick, because he certainly wasn’t in a profession that made money. 🤣 He would just laugh, because he didn’t care. Money wasn’t important to him. He actually wore the same pair of wrangler blue jeans a whole semester ( granted he did wash them every so often). But had ask me to buy him a new pair. They are still in my badement never opened in tbe plastic bag. He told me we could return them or give to our loval church store. I miss him like crazy and my heart will never heal. I also know that I have a new life. My old life doesn’t exist anymore. I have finally let that sink in from therapy. But my grieving will never cease. Nick is with me all of the time. Taking care of me as always. I use to tell my boys before they went to sleep each night…. I love you more than infinity. Then they would say ….I love you more than beyond infinity. ❤❤❤

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    1. Oh, Nick sounds like someone I can’t wait to meet! What a wonderful legacy of a life well lived! Thank you for sharing him with us. Praying that God gives you strength for each new day, dear mama. ❤


  10. Robert is our son. He has a brother and two sisters this side of heaven. Robert, also, chose to take his own life at age 20, almost 7 years ago, on June 9, 2010. Even after 7 years, the loss of him is still so hard, and I know it always will be. He was an accomplished percussionist and loved all things outdoors. He had a beautiful smile, and was always reaching out to those who were new or felt left out. This was stated over and over at his service. Thank you, Melanie for this opportunity to speak his name to the world. It becomes more and more difficult to do this with those who have not walked this path. They are uncomfortable with it, because it is not their path. I understand this, but it still hurts. I am so sorry for all of you who are enduring this pain; and I know we all look forward longingly to THAT DAY when we won’t have to! Thank you, Melanie, for your words, which always encourage me and speak to me right when I need it.

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    1. Susan,
      I love how you chose to say, “Robert IS our son”-because he IS your son, always will be your son. I speak of Dominic in the present tense as well when referring to relationships. It sounds like he had an especially tender heart and recognized others’ need to be included and affirmed.

      I’m sorry that it gets harder to speak of our missing child. I think others become increasingly uncomfortable with how to do that because for them, they have no frame of reference as time passes. But for us mamas, our child is still very much part of our lives.

      Praying God continues to give you the strength to meet each new day. Looking forward to heaven!<3


  11. Morgan Brooke Blackmon is my daughter. She was 21 when she went to Heaven on October 16, 2016 in an ATV accident where she was a passenger. She was in the Air Force and home for the weekend. She had a vivacious personality, loved to laugh, joke, and be with friends, but yet be alone too. She loved to read and wanted to be an English lit teacher after her Air Force career. She was a huge pet lover and humanitarian. She wanted the best for all and was of the most loyal kinds of friends. If she loved you, you knew it! She was drum major for 3 years at her high school and always won best in class drum major. Music was the oxygen to her soul and her tattoos were a note to the world of who she was on the inside! She is my mini-me…we are so much alike, yet she is so individual too! Her make-up was always beautiful and she loved changing her hair color to bright lively colors. We planted a Sugar Maple tree in our front yard in honor of her because in the fall it’s colors are like her personality and hair! I had Morgan when I was 16. I grew up with her and do not know life before her! She taught me about real unconditional love, how to persevere through the toughest things, and what true bravery and courage look like. She is my hero and always will be. I ache for her…..Her sister and I feel so incomplete without our other girl! She gave her life to Jesus when she was a little girl and always professed to be a follower of Christ. Just two days before her home going she shared a post on Facebook about being a Christian and not apologizing to others for it. She still had so much to give to this world and so I try to honor her by doing the things she loved. I cling to the promises of God and the work of Jesus on the cross. I have no other hope than Him that I will break through this atmosphere one day and be reunited with my daughter. She waits for me! I got a tattoo on my arm that says, “She is with Him, and He is in us ;” Jesus is my connection to her and the semi-colon represents that the author of her life isn’t done with her story yet. There is still more to write! Prayers for you all to feel the love of God today because that is where the strength comes from to walk this dark journey! ~Blessings

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    1. An amazing young woman! I am so very sorry for your loss and your pain. I love, love, love your tattoo-“She is with Him and He is in us”-that is so true. Jesus is the Promise and the Promise-keeper. We can rest assured that we will see our precious child again because He Who has promised is faithful. ❤

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  12. Levi is my son. He was a young man who’s smile and whit would charm your heart. Levi always cheered on the underdog. His heart was soft and sentimental.
    On October 3, 2009, Levi took his life at 17. His battle with addiction was a hard and very difficult road.
    Now his journey is full of all things beautiful. He is comforted, by our God who makes all things perfect. Levi knew Christ, responded to His love and through all his hardship, all this struggle, invited those he loved to know Him too.
    Levi has ran ahead of us, but we will catch up, three sisters, his dad and myself.
    Until then, we miss Levi every second of this hard, long journey in the valley of the shadow.
    I am so sorry for all the pain you are all experiencing! I am so very sorry, but I am forever grateful for your stories, compassion, and hope that encourage me and let me know I am not alone. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for sharing Levi and his hope in Christ. You’re right-now he knows only joy and beauty and love. What a blessed inheritance to look forward to!

      I’m thankful the blog helps your heart. That is always my prayer. May the Father wrap His loving arms around you and give you strength and hope for each new day. ❤


  13. Noah Lee was born still on February 27th, 2016. He weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 22 inches long. I was a week overdue when labor was induced. He showed no signs of distress and had a great heart rate 30 seconds (135bpm) before my last push. He was here and gone in the same moment. We found out through donating his heart valves that his aorta and pulmonary artery were fused…. something that rarely shows up in an ultrasound. Noah is our only child. This weekend we will be honoring him at a ceremony at C.O.R.E. (Center For Organ Recovery and Education) along with all the other 2016 organ donors.

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    1. I am so sorry for your pain and your loss. Thank you for sharing Noah Lee with me. May the Lord give you the strength you need for each new day. Thank you for choosing to bless another family even in your grief. ❤


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