Honest Question

I’ve had more than one person suggest I compile these blog posts into a print resource.

It would be a daunting task.

Much of what I write is meant to be a short, stand alone musing about one aspect of grief or another and I’m not sure how to weave individual posts into some sort of cohesive fabric or narrative that would be worth anyone’s time or effort to read.

So I have an honest question: Do you, faithful reader, think such a thing would be helpful?

Is it worth the time, energy, effort and seeking publisher permissions for quotes?

If you do think it’s a good idea, what format might be best? Short essays/posts collected by topic or a narrative of my journey punctuated by excerpts from blog entries?

This is NOT a vanity post, it’s a genuine question.

So let me hear from you.



A New Book-Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child

I was just made aware of an excellent new resource for grieving parents available free today and tomorrow for Kindle.  I wanted others to be able to take advantage of this offer.

I haven’t read it, but trust my friend, Jill Emmelhainz’s review:  

“I’ve read an advance copy of this book. I wish this had been available when our son died 9 years ago. No platitudes, no sugary counselor-speak. Examples and experiences from other bereaved parents in short simple sections. Kindle version is fr*e today and tomorrow. Paperback version releases next week.”

Here’s the link on Amazon:

Shattered:Surviving the Loss of a Child


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