Most Shared Posts: Why Friends Abandon Grievers

It happens in all kinds of ways. 
 One friend just slowly backs off from liking posts on Facebook, waves at a distance from across the sanctuary, stops texting to check up on me.

Another observes complete radio silence as soon as she walks away from the graveside. 

Still another hangs in for a few weeks-calls, texts, even invites me to lunch until I can see in her eyes that my lack of “progress” is making her uneasy.  Then she, too, falls off the grid.

Why do people do that? 

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A New Book-Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child

I was just made aware of an excellent new resource for grieving parents available free today and tomorrow for Kindle.  I wanted others to be able to take advantage of this offer.

I haven’t read it, but trust my friend, Jill Emmelhainz’s review:  

“I’ve read an advance copy of this book. I wish this had been available when our son died 9 years ago. No platitudes, no sugary counselor-speak. Examples and experiences from other bereaved parents in short simple sections. Kindle version is fr*e today and tomorrow. Paperback version releases next week.”

Here’s the link on Amazon:

Shattered:Surviving the Loss of a Child


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